Monday, September 20, 2010

Court Delayed Again

Court hearing for Lexie did not happen as scheduled on Monday. The typhoon was a strong one and the government offices (and courts) were closed. The first 2 dates were rescheduled b/c the social worker did not have the report completed to give judge and now this.....will this ever happen?

I am thankful that the babies, nannies, and birth moms are all OK...That is ultimately what is most important. I am just disappointed that the hearing still has not happened. Then after it finally does I still have to wait for first ruling, final decree, AIT appointment before I can travel to bring sweet Lexie home.....sigh.

Praying that it is rescheduled quickly and not too far out-then praying the judge has compassion that this has taken so long and gives a speedy ruling.

I'm coming baby girl! Hang in there! Janie and I cannot wait to meet you!

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