Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello everyone!

Well I have decided to retire this blog and create a new one that is dedicated to both my girls. Since this blog is "Hurry home Lexie" and my other was "Searching for Janie" I feel that I need a new one since my girls are finally home and together (at last)!!! 

The new blog has a special title.....of course my last name is incorporated and these girls are the sunshine of my life. So the new blog is:

You can access it by clicking on the address or clicking HERE.

I am still working on the layout but will hopefully have a new post soon. Good-bye to this blog. I didn't really use it much since I used the other most often but it has been nice documenting all the steps of this journey. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

HERE we go again!!

We are at the Atlanta airport waiting for the flight. It leaves at 11:00 and heads to Tokyo then on to Taiwan.

I started a blog for Lexie, but will keep all Taiwan activity on the other one (Janie's) since most of my family/friends find it easier...then when I am home, I will combine both blogs into one for the girls!!!

You can find it HERE

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taiwan pictures

A fellow Taiwan adoptive mommy had this link on her blog. I had to share! Simply beautiful Taiwan pictures-what an amazing country! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Taiwan Here We Come (again)

Remember this picture from Sept. 12, 2009!! 
You will likely see another one soon!

We got the go ahead to book flights. We are leaving on Saturday, Nov. 27 to head to Taipei! Here we come Lexie--just a few more weeks!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Decree for Lexie!!!

Final Decree! Final Decree!! Doing a happy dance and thanking our wonderful God tonight. Lexie's final decree has arrived!! Now it is being translated and then will be sent to AIT and I wait for appointment. Then TRAVEL!!!!! God is good all the time!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Update & Great News

Janie here:
Mommy isn't looking so I thought I would post an update about me and my little sister, Lexie.

On my adoption blog there are some pictures from this past weekend. You can find it HERE

Now for the exciting news about my little sister, Lexie!!! This morning when mommy got me up she told me that Lexie's first ruling came in! Yep, you read that right-just 11 days after the court hearing! Mommy says it must be an all-time record. Of course, she must be forgetting the past 7 weeks of re-scheduled courts....but all of that is behind us! Lexie is going to be coming home soon. Mommy says we now have to wait for the final ruling and then we will get an appointment with the AIT and go get Lexie. She told me that I went thru all the same process-I don't really remember any of that, but if she says so then I guess it happened.

She also told me about the big plane we are going to go on--and she told me all the things she is bringing to entertain me for the LONG flight. Then she told me that I am going to get to see all my loved ones in Taiwan again AND I will get to see my birth mom again. 

Mommy seems very emotional about that. She is glad that she will have the opportunity to ask my birth mom some more questions. I hear her praying for my birth mom a lot. Mommy always prays that my birth mom has peace and comfort in her life. I am not sure if I will get to see my birth dad again or not? 

Well, I am not allowed to show you a picture of Lexie yet--but I can give you a sneak peak. Everyone says she looks alot like me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Court News!

GREAT COURT NEWS!! I got word today that my re-scheduled court for Lexie has been set for this Thursday (Sept. 30) in the morning....so on Wednesday night our time, the judge will hopefully be FINALLY hearing Lexie's case!! Now let's hope the judge has compassion for the delays and issues a quick first ruling!! Praising God tonight! Oh, and got a few new pics today too!!

Here is a sweet picture of Janie this past weekend!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Court Delayed Again

Court hearing for Lexie did not happen as scheduled on Monday. The typhoon was a strong one and the government offices (and courts) were closed. The first 2 dates were rescheduled b/c the social worker did not have the report completed to give judge and now this.....will this ever happen?

I am thankful that the babies, nannies, and birth moms are all OK...That is ultimately what is most important. I am just disappointed that the hearing still has not happened. Then after it finally does I still have to wait for first ruling, final decree, AIT appointment before I can travel to bring sweet Lexie home.....sigh.

Praying that it is rescheduled quickly and not too far out-then praying the judge has compassion that this has taken so long and gives a speedy ruling.

I'm coming baby girl! Hang in there! Janie and I cannot wait to meet you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Got word that all the babies and mommies are safe in Taitung (Lexie's town). Attached is the latest.... Click HERE to see latest info:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fortune Cookie

My chinese fortune cookie today read: Good things come in small packages. One is coming your way.....

Hmmmmm :):)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More delays...

Feeling sad...don't know all the specific details, but apparently Lexie's court hearing was rescheduled AGAIN! So, more delays....I trust that God is in control and I know that HIS timing is always perfect, but for tonight this is how Janie and I feel about it....

(This picture was actually taken back in November 2009, but it is the only one I have of her upset...)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lexie court hearing!!

Lexie's re-scheduled court hearing is set for tomorrow in Taiwan (actually it will be happening tonight while we are sleeping). Please join me in prayer that the court hearing happens as scheduled, goes smoothly, that the judge feels he/she has enough information to make a ruling, and that the ruling comes quickly! Also, please pray for Janie/Lexie's birth mother. I am certain that this will be another difficult day for her.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of sweet Lexie! Check out that little grin! I can't wait to get these sisters together!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Court update

Today was the scheduled court hearing for Lexie. Well, bad news and good news. First the bad news, it was rescheduled for Sept. 2 because social worker report was not complete (boo). And birth mom did not attend. I was disappointed at first to hear that because she attended Janie's court hearing. I say "at first" becasue I then was told that after Deana got back to the office the birth mom called saying she was so sorry-she had overslept and felt very bad about it. So, she came into the office and it sounds like the social worker came over and finished the report today. So, it sounds like it is done and maybe then Sept. 2 will go well. So at least some kind of progress happened today. And then I heard something that made me swell with emotion. Birth mom was able to see some updated pictures of both Janie and Lexie. She expressed how comforting it was to see them both so healthy and happy. She spent some time looking at thier similarities and differnences--so sweet. And apparently she expressed her gratitude to me for adopting both which is allowing them to be together. This brought me to tears--for so many reasons. How can I ever thank her enough--she gave my daughters life!! She gave me a precious gift in Janie and now again in Lexie. I remember for 7 long months only getting to see pictures of Janie. Not being able to hold her, kiss her, snuggle her, feel her, smell her.....and now I am blessed to have her in my life while her birth mom can now only look at pictures. This hit me pretty hard today. You know as you begin to educate yourself on adoption and the adoption triad, you learn about the loss associated with adoption. I felt that for her today. I am grateful and thankful every second that I have this precious child in my life and that I will soon have her sister as well--but I have to be honest and say my heart went out to her birthmom today in a big way. I always include her in my daily prayers...but today was a little more intense. So now, I wait for Sept. 2..... Hang on sweet Lexie---we're coming!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tonight is the night!

Court date for Lexie is tomorrow (Aug. 12). Because of the time difference, this will be happening tonight while I sleep. Please join me in prayer.....

Dear Heavenly Father, tonight when I lay my head down to rest I will be wishing I was in Taiwan. On the other side of the world a court hearing will be going on for Janie's sister, Lexie. Lord please place your hand on the hearts of all involved and create a smooth path to unite these beautiful girls. I trust in you and will always follow your lead. Amen

Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting exciting!!

Court hearing is almost here. It is set for August 12 (Taiwan time)....so while we are sleeping on Wednesday night. I pray everything goes smooth!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

6 months old today!

My sweet Lexie is 6 months old today! Happy 1/2 birthday baby girl. Praying you feel extra love today!! Hopefully I will have you in my arms soon. Janie and I can't wait!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Too funny!

OK.....So, I am a single mom and love it--but this "Dad Life" video cracked me up! 
Click HERE to laugh out loud!

Friday, July 9, 2010

We have a court date!!!

August 12 is the date for court! YAY! On this day, Lexie's adoption case will be presented to a judge in Taiwan! Praising God for this wonderful news! One more step closer to bringing my daughter home and uniting her with her sister!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can't wait!

I enjoyed the 4th of July so much with Janie! I cannot wait to have Lexie join us and be a part next year! Here are a few pictures of Janie.....can you imagine 2 of these precious girls next year! I am so blessed and cannot wait to get them together! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Court update!

Just got word today that all of my documents were submitted to the Taiwan court system on Friday of last week...so yay! Now I just wait for a court date to be assigned!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who is Lexie??

This same basic post is on Janie's blog--so if you read that, you don't need to read this info-it's the same! 

Lexie is Janie's little sister! 

Yep, you read that correct...Janie is a big sister! Most of my friends and family already know this-but here it is for the blogging world! Alexa Claire Day (Lexie) is waiting for us in Taiwan!

Here are the details: (Warning: it's long-so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the story)
Back on Feb. 4 my cell phone rang and it was the ring tone for my adoption agency. I thought to myself, I wonder what they need-they must need something for a post-placement report for Janie. Keep in mind, my caseworker was in Taiwan at the time so I really wasn't sure why they were calling. And, Janie has only been home 5 months so I was still doing post-adoption paperwork.

I answered the phone and Hollen (who told me about Janie's birth and about my final court decree-all because all these things seem to happen while my caseworker is in Taiwan) asked me if I was sitting down. She then goes on to tell me that Janie's birth mom went to the hospital in Taiwan. (Ok...let me just say right then and there my heart sank. I immediately thought she was in dispair and wanting the baby back...of course, I know that is impossible. Janie's adoption is final and complete, she is a US citizen, and all is well-but that was my first initial reaction).

Then she completed her sentence and I couldn't believe my ears. She told me that Janie's birth mom had just given birth to another baby girl and told the hospital staff that she could not keep the baby. The hospital social worker recongnized the name and contacted my agency's Taiwan staff. 

My head began to spin!! What? Janie has a sister alone in a hospital in Taiwan? Janie was not even a year old yet. We were in the process of planning her 1 year party? What does this mean? Janie has a sister? I am also planning Janie's big baptism celebration. Janie is not even 1 yet-how can this be? Oh my...the thoughts were pouring from my brain. Honestly, I only heard about half of what Hollen was saying. 

Fast forward a few days....the agency got all of the info, Taiwan staff met with birth mom and she wants the baby to go to a loving home. Taiwan staff asked her if she would want the baby to be with her sister in America. Birth mom said yes. So, I had a HUGE decision to make!!! 
And, can you believe I knew all of this at Janie's birthday and baptism---when sooooo many friends/family were around? It was beyond hard to keep quiet about it. But, it was a private decision and those days were about Janie--I didn't want the focus to be taken away from her--but it was sooooo hard not to shout it to everyone!!

Of course my heart says YES, YES, YES. But, my brain says-slow down and make sure I can handle this. Let's see here are what I consider my biggest challenges:
1. Being single and raising 2 baby girls (less than 1 year apart in age) 
2. Financially-not just the adoption expenses, but the day-to-day life for many years to come (on a teacher salary)

That's it--those are the only 2 things that could possibly prevent this. Yes, I know they are 2 very serious things-but I spent several weeks in deep prayer and lots of discussion about it. My heart knew what I wanted but I had to make sure this was the right thing for the baby and for Janie. I knew the baby would not be left alone. I knew there were other families in the Taiwan program waiting for thier child--so that was hard to accept. I didn't want to feel like I was "taking" someone else's baby. I know that sounds crazy and I really can't explain it in words very well..it's just a feeling. I remember when I was in the Vietnam program waiting for my referral and I would read of other's joys in seeing thier baby's face, travel, etc while I still waited. In my heart, I knew that God had chosen that child for them but if you have EVER waited out an adoption process-you know what I mean--it is hard to not feel some envy. Happiness for the family of course, but deep down, a little jealous. I hate to admit that-but I'm trying to be honest. 

I also know that blood is not thicker than water. It does not take DNA to make a child yours, or a sibling. Becoming a family member thru adoption is just that-creating a family...but having said that--how amazing that they are bio sisters! Yes, full bio sisters (same birth mom and birth father).

The conclusion-how can I not bring these girls together?!?! How can I look at Janie everyday and know she has a sister not with her?? How can I leave this child without her family? Janie and I are her family-she needs to be with us! 

I knew I always wanted 2 children...and I knew I wanted them close in age (under 3-4 years apart). My mom and I talked about this all the time. Guess I didn't realize that God really does listen to our prayers doesn't He? Or, maybe it is something different.....I believe with every inch of my being that God KNEW and PLANNED this path from the beginning. He knew these sisters would be together and he put it in my heart to desire 2 children close in age--that way, when the day really came-my heart would already be prepared. Amazing isn't it!

Back to the story: I made my decision! I am adopting Janie's sister! I am mentally/emotionally ready and the process is in place. I had to re-do all paperwork-new adoption, new paperwork. Homestudy, USCIS approval, dossier, EVERYTHING. That took a little while since I was not prepared at all-wasn't even thinking about doing any of that. And, I was in the end of the school year, special olympic season, new cheerleading season beginning (my busiest time paperwork wise). Not to mention raising a baby!!!! So, it took a little longer than expected....but, the paperwork is done and on it's way to Taiwan! 

Now, I just wait for a court date! I am applying for several grants and praying I get some financial assistance-that would be great! Janie is trying to learn to say Lexie-so far she just says the ending sound "zi" which is cute! 

I have received several pictures and video of Lexie. She is beyond beautiful and looks JUST like Janie (except for one thing-I'll get to that in a minute). She was a preemie also so started out pretty tiny but growing and happy/healthy. She has a head full of hair-just like Janie. She is in the same home as Janie was and being cared for by the same people--so I KNOW she is in good hands. 

Now for the one difference--she is a HUGE baby compared to Janie. Now, let me clarify: Lexie was a preemie and is small compared to other babies-but compared to Janie she is big. Lexie is going to be the younger sister-not the little sister. Last update she was 4 months and already at 11 pounds 9 ounces and at the same time Janie was going for her 15 month check up and weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces! Yep, Janie is still tiny-but fiesty and developmentally on track-just tiny! Looks like Janie may get the hand-me-downs!!

So there you go! That's my big news! I am so thankful that God has granted me such wonderful blessings. What an amazing story! I remember those long days/months/years of waiting for my baby and now I have 2! I am honored and blessed that God has chosen this path for me and my girls! 

I have created this blog for Lexie for my family/friends to keep up with her adoption journey. 

One of the first posts I plan to do deals with how I am responding to some of the comments I have received when people learn of this situation. Most have been beyond supportive and so excited-but as you can imagine, I have heard some unusual and often rude comments too (adoptive parents-you know what I mean).

Janie's blog is still the same. And can be found by clicking HERE.

When she comes home, then I will merge these 2 blogs into one big family blog and let you know. In the meantime, I will keep adoption stuff updated on Lexie's site and Janie updates here! Just like with Janie-I won't be posting any pictures of Lexie until she is officially mine and in my arms in Taiwan. However, privately I can email it to you for you to see if you are interested....she is a mini Janie! 

Someone told me in a few years when they become teenagers, I will need to get some guard dogs and an electric fence to keep the teenage boys away!!

Please keep us all in your prayers...and please lift up the girls' birth mom in prayer. I think about her often.